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The Cost to a Business of Running Old Computer Equipment


For small businesses looking to cut costs, holding onto older computer equipment may seem like a smart way to save money upfront. However, running outdated hardware and software can end up costing far more overall through decreased productivity, excessive maintenance costs, security vulnerabilities, and low employee morale.

Older computers with slower processors and less memory can significantly drain employee productivity. A study by Techaisle found that small businesses lose an average of 42 productive work hours per year for every PC over 4 years old compared to newer machines. With employees waiting on sluggish applications to load and processes to complete, that’s valuable time being spent away from critical tasks.

As PCs age, they require more frequent repairs and upgrades to keep running. For a small business with just 3 PCs over 4 years old, repair costs could total $1,320 annually, plus another $420 for necessary upgrades according to Techaisle data. An Intel study found the average repair cost for a PC over 4 years old is $427 – 1.3 times higher than a newer model.

Out-of-date hardware and software can leave businesses vulnerable to cyber threats. Once too old to receive updates, aging systems are left unprotected from new malware and security exploits that cybercriminals can take advantage of to breach networks.

Persistent computer issues and outdated technology capabilities can frustrate employees and negatively affect morale. Using inefficient legacy systems may also prevent taking advantage of innovations that could benefit the business.

While the upfront costs of new PCs may give pause, the ongoing costs of running outdated equipment can quickly make upgrades worthwhile:

a)       Newer computers boost productivity with faster performance for more efficient workflows.

b)      New hardware is supported with the latest software features and security updates.

c)       Increased capabilities from modern systems drive competitive advantages.

By accounting for all the hidden costs of outdated technology, small businesses can clearly see the return on investment in upgrading to new, more reliable computer equipment. Working with an IT provider to determine the right systems and secure disposal of old hardware can help make the transition affordable and worthwhile.

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