Virtual IT Group

Pobar Orthopedic – Case Study

Pobar is an Orthopedic Surgery in Tampa Florida.

The Challenge for Pobar was that they didn’t know that you needed someone for IT.


Why did you choose to work with Brian and Virtual IT?

I didn’t really know anything about that kind of thing, I didn’t think you needed someone who does what Brian does I thought you just setup a bunch of computers and got going and he was the person that I talked with who was the most directly involved in taking care of stuff with his clients. Right from the very beginning there were times when we needed him to go the extra mile and put in some extra time and some extra personal service and he was right there to do it for us.

He is a responsible person who takes his work personally which is a very good thing. He often get s in touch out of hours or comes in on Saturdays to complete work.

We have a lot of appliances over two offices that Brian keeps running.


Would you recommend Virtual IT Group?

I would recommend Brian and I have recommended Brian. Virtual IT provides me with a really good service, it’s very very complex here even at a small medical practice and his team keeps it all going very consistently

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