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Pobar Orthopedic – Case Study

Pobar Orthopedic Surgery, a leading provider of orthopedic care for children in Tampa, Florida, faced a common challenge shared by many small businesses – an initial lack of awareness regarding the ongoing need for dedicated IT support. 

Understanding the Need for Proactive IT Management 

Before partnering with Virtual IT Group, POBAR assumed that basic computer setup and maintenance sufficed for their IT needs. However, they soon discovered the complexities of managing a secure and efficient IT infrastructure. 

Why POBAR Chose Virtual IT Group 

When POBAR sought a qualified IT solution provider, Brian from Virtual IT Group distinguished himself through several key factors: 

  • Client-Centric Approach: Brian demonstrated a strong understanding of POBAR’s unique needs and priorities. He didn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution but rather took the time to tailor his recommendations to POBAR’s specific IT environment. 
  • Exceeding Expectations: Beyond standard IT support, Brian consistently went the extra mile. This included working outside regular business hours and weekends whenever urgent needs arose, ensuring minimal disruption to POBAR’s operations. 
  • Proactive Management and Ownership: POBAR valued Brian’s dedication and commitment to taking personal ownership of their IT infrastructure. This proactive approach fostered a strong sense of partnership. 

Beyond Computers: Comprehensive IT Support for Medical Practices 

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Screen Shot 2024 05 20 at 3.02.03 PM

POBAR’s reliance on Virtual IT Group extends beyond traditional computer support. They manage a complex network of devices across two offices, ensuring the smooth functioning of not only computers but also potentially critical medical equipment. 

A Consistent and Reliable Partner 

POBAR’s experience with Virtual IT Group has been highly positive. They have not only benefited from Brian’s expertise but have actively recommended his services to other medical practices. Here’s what POBAR’s values most about their partnership: 

  • Unwavering Service Quality: POBAR’s acknowledges the inherent complexity of their IT infrastructure, even as a small medical practice. Virtual IT Group’s consistent and reliable service ensures their IT systems run smoothly, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional patient care. 

Conclusion: A Partnership for Keeping Kids Active and Healthy 

By leveraging Virtual IT Group’s expertise, POBAR’s Orthopedic Surgery can focus on their core mission – providing the highest quality orthopedic care for Tampa’s children. This strong partnership ensures their IT systems are reliable, secure, and well-maintained, allowing POBAR’s to continue their vital work without technological interruptions. 

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