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The Best IT Support Company in Central Florida

In recent decades, digital technologies have changed the way we work beyond all recognition. From the rise of the internet and email in the 1990s to the proliferation of the smartphone in the 2000s, we’ve all born witness to massive technological shifts that have transformed our lives both in the workplace and at home.


Today, the digital revolution continues apace, with the emergence of newer technologies such as AI, and the continued growth of cloud computing, remote collaboration platforms and business process automation.


We live in exciting times, with solutions that empower more efficient, productive and profitable workplaces now more attainable than ever for even the most resource-limited businesses. All it takes is the will to embrace change, and the help of a professional, friendly and capable technology partner that understands the importance of well-managed, carefully planned IT. That’s where we come in!


Virtual IT Group – Quality Managed IT, Support and Strategy for Central Florida Businesses


From our home in the Tampa Bay area, we offer a comprehensive range of IT services and support to businesses across Central Florida and beyond. Delivered with integrity, diligence and passion, our services are designed to help businesses achieve their productivity potential, gain ground on competitors and ultimately grow and become more profitable.


Whether you’re looking to start your IT outsourcing journey, or you’re keen to switch provider, we’d love to have your business onboard. Here’s why we firmly believe we’re Central Florida’s best IT support company.


Proactive Managed IT, Delivered with Care


Your IT systems are the bedrock of your business. Without dependable network infrastructure and robust enterprise software you’d likely struggle to serve your customers reliably, and undertaking complex business processes would be an uphill battle.


Our prevention-focused Managed IT Support aims to reinforce the foundations of your IT systems so that you and your team can enjoy reliable, performance-optimized technology that empowers productivity. Using our remote network monitoring capabilities, we position ourselves in the engine room of your infrastructure, applying the fixes and addressing performance bottlenecks in order to keep the whole machine running smoothly. On the rare occasion something does go wrong, you can be assured of swift issue resolution from our rapid response team, who are on-hand 24/7 to provide assistance no matter how complex the problem.


In addition to peerless IT management and support, we aim to be tech mentors to clients who stand to benefit from a little extra direction. With Virtual IT Group, you’ll have a friendly, approachable IT partner you can rely on for impartial advice and strategic guidance.

Modern Workplace Solutions


Recent years have demonstrated the value of flexible, remote-capable workplace solutions that stand firm in the face of a crisis. Additionally, the recent upsurge in remote working has seen many employees keen to retain the enhanced work-life balance that flexible working practices often afford.


Thanks to the Cloud, businesses of all sizes can now enjoy computing capabilities, cutting-edge software and levels of enterprise mobility that were once the preserve of larger organisations with vast IT budgets.


Here at Virtual IT Group, we’re Cloud experts. We can orchestrate your cloud project and manage your infrastructure, whether you’re looking to migrate to Microsoft 365, establish a private cloud service, take advantage of a cloud backup service or simply move an existing resource online. Once your migration is complete, we’ll help you bring your new solution into harmony with your workflows and explore opportunities for efficiency savings using the likes of business process automation.


No matter the scale of complexity of your cloud ambitions, we’ll ensure you’re equipped with secure, expertly-configured, carefully-managed solutions that align with your business’s goals.


Class-Leading Connectivity


Business connectivity is all about how your business stays in contact with the outside world. Without robust, sufficiently scaled connectivity solutions, your business will struggle to provide the flexible and convenient communication channels that modern customers expect, and your remote employees could feel disconnected.


Offering mobility, scalability and a host of helpful features as standard, our cloud-hosted VoIP phone system offers all the benefits of a traditional phone system without the rigidity and costs associated with fixed infrastructure. By making the switch to VoIP, your business will enjoy a zero-maintenance phone system that can scales in line with demand, and low-cost calling that compares favorably with conventional call plans. Through a practice known as “Unified Communications” we can even help you look way to unite instant messaging, email, data and telephony into a single interface, providing fully-integrated communication that promotes productivity.


Is a slow or erratic internet connection holding your business back?  Through our partnerships with leading providers we can source a cost-optimal business broadband connection that has the capacity and speed to support your business’s online activities. We’ll then manage the service to ensure you’re getting the performance you’ve been promised, and we’ll compare prices on an ongoing basis to ensure you’re always getting the best deal.


Cyber Security that Inspires Confidence


Are you confident that your systems and data are adequately defended against a growing network or cyber threats? From fines for regulatory non-compliance to lingering reputational damage, failing to adequately protect the data your business holds could result in lasting damage that threatens the viability of your organization.


Our cyber security services combine procedures, policies and technical controls to ensure your business has threat defenses that provide cover against every possible angle of attack. At your network’s edge, we can configure, manage and monitor firewall protections to prevent malevolent traffic entering your network. Concerned about remote data security? We offer a range of services that facilitate secure remote access to data and resources, including VPNs, endpoint antivirus, identity management and encryption. Compliance concerns?  We’ll can help establish the data protection policies and controls you need to satisfy your compliance obligations.


With so much at stake, cyber security can never be left to chance. With Virtual IT Group you’ll have an IT partner committed helping you manage the digital risks your business faces.

Support and Solutions that Put You Front and Center


So often in IT, complex, nuanced problems arise which require finely-tuned, tailored solutions. Unfortunately, many IT provider fail in this regard, offering off-the-shelf solutions that fail to tackle underlying issues.


With Virtual IT Group, you can be assured of custom-fit solutions and support tailored to address the pressures and challenges your business faces. This philosophy extends to the flexibility of our support arrangements: we can provide full-service IT support and management, or alternatively, work alongside your existing team on a co-management basis. Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your IT, we’ll always put your business front and center.


Virtual IT Group – Quality Managed IT, Support and Strategy for Central Florida Businesses


Operating from the heart of the Tampa Bay area, Virtual IT Group offers high-quality, expertly curated IT services to businesses across Central Florida and beyond. We provide resilient IT systems that end users can rely on and deliver transformational solutions that act as catalysts for business growth.


Get in touch today to find out how we could help your business.

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