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TrueCore – Case Study

TrueCore Behavioral Solutions

TrueCore Behavioral Solutions is a behavioral treatment provider located throughout Florida. We are a top provider for behavioral health services. We provide services for at risk adjudicated youth ages 13-21.

The Challenge for TrueCore was that they needed a higher level of expertise to sometimes assist their existing IT team.


How does Virtual IT Group’s co-managed service help you?

In house at TrueCore we have an IT director that oversees the internal aspects of the company. Even thought the director leads the IT department where Brian comes in is on the co-management part where if there are any technical difficulties that the IT director cannot deal with himself Brian is the person who steps in.


Virtual IT Group saves TrueCore over $16,000 each month

It’s a team approach and I don’t call it work! He steps in at a moments notice in any given situation. He’s a guy that I can’t help but describe as a friend. He will stop at nothing to make sure the job is done. I don’t think Brian takes a day off.


“We provide residential services to juveniles in the state of Florida through the department of juvenile justice.” – Orville Wallen – Vice President of Operations

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